I am Josef. I started collecting stamps at the age of 8 years and 10 years later I decided to become a stamp dealer. That is now nearly 27 years ago and you may guess my age .. yes I am 45 now.

27 Years in stamps means collecting a lot of experience and a broad philatelic knowledg about stamps of all periods and nearly every country in the world. Living and doing business in Germany I am a long time member of the German  as well as the International Stamp Dealers Organisation (IFSDA).

27 Years in stamps means also security for you who might be my customers. You can be absolutely sure that my classifications made for the stamps which I offer for sale are correct .  Wherever necessary they have also been examined by an recognised expert and are signed or expertised accordingly.

My target is to supply good quality at reasonable prices. And you will always find some real good bargains here.

I hope yoe  enjoy my stamp galleries and will come back soon.

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